Carbon Miniplane propeller Maximize

Carbon Miniplane propeller

How to get the best of your Miniplane Top80?
Carbon propellers have so much advantages over wood, just try one and you'll see. 

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Looking to get the maximum power out of you Top80?

List of prop:

T Series (T, T1, T2, T3) Scimitar propeller (look image 2) lower the noise for good performance. The T3 is the most powerful on take-offs.

H30 Series (T1H, T2H, T1HA, T2HA) The H (Scimitar) are made for high altitude and the HA (normal prop) for Reflex style high speed wings. For more pitch, look for the H25.

The T1W is the one with the lower pitch, for immediate power in very dense air (on winter).

The HF is a concave propeller with 12 to 15% more pitch than the T1. This is the lightest propeller because of its concave style.

The H25 as the strongest traction with an impressive 18% more than the T2. It had been made for hign altitude and fast wings. It costs 70$ less than others.